The Healing Field: Shamanic Activation & Ethnotherapy

The Healing Field: Shamanic Activation & Ethnotherapy


Dates: 2-12 September 2021


In this course, we will go to the essence of the sacred teachings of indigenous peoples and will see how relevant they are for our way of understanding and acting in our lives and when it comes to finding the sources of our strength.

Shamanism connects with the pillars of humanity and is a required and unavoidable topic for the student who is or wants to be a transpersonal psychotherapist.

Shamanism is at the base, at the origin, it is the root of all studies of all religions and even of scientific knowledge itself. We can find its presence in Paleolithic caves that are more than 30,000 years old. Examining the history of humanity in search of good models, we find the mysterious figure of the shaman, still active in very remote and distant communities and in the writings of Eliade, Jung, Castaneda, Campbell, Halifax, Harner, Krippner, Sánchez, Grof or Mindell among many, many others.

The ability to mediate between the luminous world and current reality corresponds to this shaman, who is also the basic creative response of today’s man. The shaman is present in the great moments and mysteries of existence, in the great themes of cross-cultural mythology, birth, death, heroism, healing, love and human suffering, which involve the invocation and use of dreams and visions to solve problems.

Cultivating the inner life is fundamental to the mission of the healer; this aspect has been completely lost in modern medicine.

For a shaman to function, it is not enough with his technical capacity as current doctors do, it is necessary to involve the internal world that includes the knowledge that he has acquired following the spiritual paths of other shamans and guides and listening to the internal voices that always they speak with those who want to listen.

Likewise, we will delve into the therapeutic approach of Jungian psychology and that of his most current disciples, such as Metzner, Campbell, Singer, Bolen, Rebillot or Mindell, integrating as a tool the work with Archetypes, with Imagos, through dreams and the encounter with the Shadow. Mircea Eliade defines shamanism as the technique of ecstasy, the shaman is the manipulator of the sacred THE 10 STAGES OF THE MYTHICAL JOURNEY TO THE GARDEN OF THE GOOSE


I.- The Initiation(The Tonal): THE WORLD OF THE ARQUETIPES,   Spiritual awakening, which often comes through an intuition about the existence of something transcendent, that is beyond oneself, is the first stage of the Shaman’s Journey.

II.- THE DOOR BETWEEN TWO WORLDS (Bridge) Allows to cross the river from one bank to the other, to jump from a being’s state to a superior one. Somatic, psychological and / or spiritual crises will occupy the second phase or step, called the Voices of the Archetypes.

III.- “THE ALLIES” (Inn) Depicts the rest temptation before having reached the last field. Power animals, the plant kingdom, and the stone sisters. Traditional medicines. Feeding your dragons (Shadow) Call to mission.

IV.- «THE TRANSFORMATION (Well) allows the being to drink fresh water and draw knowledge. Love and service. The wisdom of the body, psychocorporal approach, Gestalt and other techniques. The body as an energy field, Energetic Therapies and Neuroscience. The Tao of Bioenergetics.

V.- “A SEPARATE REALITY” (Maze or Labyrinth) characterizes the bad habits of the being during his journey. Visit to the parallel world of shamans, the world of dreams, hell, Nierika, the Nahual, will occupy the fifth stage.

VI.- “PERSONAL MYTH” (Prison) depicts the individual imprisoned in his ordinary being’s condition and not liberated yet.

VII.- “BETWEEN THE HEAVEN AND THE EARTH” (The Nagual) «Towards integration and embodied spirituality» Between heaven and earth, in a sacred world, giving meaning to the experience. The integration of all the contents, works and processes that the student will have achieved during these shamanism sessions, to apply them to the profession of psychotherapist and to life. EMPAGENIC BREATHWORK

VIII.- “RETURN TO CONSENSUAL CONSCIOUSNESS” depicts the individual imprisoned in his ordinary being’s condition and not liberated yet. The ability of shamans to move between parallel realities, themes such as the inner healer, and shamanic activation will occupy the sixth day.

IX. “THE PHOENIX BIRD” (Death) symbolizes the death of the ordinary being and his rebirth as initiated, ready to progress towards the upper degrees. The definitive trip. The books of the dead

X.- “NATIVITIES: THE DIVINE CHILD” (The garden of the goose)