Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Transpersonal Psychotherapy

What is Transpersonal Therapy?

“What characterizes the transpersonal therapist is not the content, but the context; the patient is the one who determines the content. The transpersonal therapist deals with all the events that emerge throughout the therapeutic process, including everyday issues, biographical data and existential problems. What really defines the transpersonal orientation is the model of the human psyche that recognizes the importance of the spiritual or cosmic dimensions and the evolutionary potential of consciousness. Regardless of the level of consciousness on which the therapeutic process is centered, the transpersonal therapist retains the awareness of the whole range and is willing to follow the patient, at any time, towards new experiential realms, when the opportunity presents itself. ” .

Modalities of therapeutic work

Through multiple tools we will focus psychotherapy towards the Ego dimension (ego work, self-esteem, negative guidelines …), as well as towards the transpersonal dimension (disidentification, work with Being and its transcendence, belonging to the whole …)
Individual Therapy

“Starting a psychotherapy is a search for a solution, a cure for a particular psychological suffering, a dissatisfaction, a disease, an impás or an existential crisis, a grief, unemployment or loss of referents, psychosomatic symptoms, relational problems. More rarely, Psychotherapy is approached to respond to an inner call to get to know each other better. ” BERNADETTE BLIN and BRIGITTE CHAVAS, Guerir l’Ego Reveler l’Être, Guy Trédaniel Éditeur

Session duration 1 hour

Couple therapy

Therapeutical work as a couple is a particularly enriching personal growth path, since the other person allows us to obtain a reflection of our own potentialities, as well as those parts that we need to work on and integrate into ourselves. It will be a good time to influence those inertias that have been generated and established in the day to day of the couple.

It is important to emphasize that the EMC (modified states of conscience), suppose a very powerful transpersonal tool, which amplifies and enhances the overcoming of obstacles in the area of the couple, and therefore, a growth and transformation of the same.

Session duration 1,5 hour

Group therapy

The group itself has a carrier and accompanying power, and especially the majority of Transpersonal techniques increase their power with this format, thus accelerating the therapeutic process.

In addition, in times of crisis the group lowers the cost of psychotherapy.

Session duration 2 hours

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