Shamanic Activation “Coaching“

Shamanic Activation “Coaching“

Traditional medicine often uses remedies which, in a way, are absolutely valid nowadays in order to support recovery in the physical body as well as in a different forms of thinking and feeling.

At the same time, ancient spiritual traditions can propose effective ways of healing for disorders and problems which are present in the everyday life of the 21st century.

A transcultural view of shamanism shows us multiple kinds of ancestral rites which can enable people to change their lives quite fundamentally - people who originally came and asked for psychotherapy.

In my work, I will introduce you to expanded states of consciousness as a path on which existential transformation can become possible.

Themes I find particularly fascinating are:

Empagenia or the fountain of compassion, the rites of passage, and a transcultural vision of death (as a rite of passage).

This whole work will open a new perspective on psychopathology. It will consist of theory and practical experience.

A point of high interest will be to combine shamanic practices and rituals with the latest techniques of modern neuroscience. Particular forms of breathing, meditation, drumming work, and dance will be the fundament for the part of practical experience. We developed specific methods of visualization and we shall apply them frequently in a blend with art therapy.

In nearly 30 years, I gained much recognition and respect for the traditional indigenous wisdom. I obtained directly a lot of my nowadays’ knowledge in our fieldwork with different ethnic groups in Mexico, Siberia and other ancestral cultures in Central Asia. They taught us what we call today Shamanic Activation.